An Eye for Style: All About Eyebrows

Brows are a key element to good-looking eyes. A full, well groomed brow will open up the eye area and make it look more youthful. Eyebrows frame your face and give you an opportunity for expression that can be difficult or impossible with other features of your body. They also provide protection against sweat, sun, etc., which is important for people who spend time outside in the summer heat!

Here at we make sure that your brows are full, well-defined, and that they compliment your face shape and complexion.


Each person’s brows will be different depending on their natural shape. It can take a long time to figure out your best look, but it is worth the effort! A good rule of thumb for people with light hair and light eyes is that they should have dark eyebrows because this contrast will make them pop more. Those who are naturally blonde or red haired may want to go lighter with their brows as well in order to not overpower their features. People with dark hair and darker skin tones should keep in mind that using pencil or powder might actually cause you to lose some definition so always start by looking at what works best for you before trying anything new!

If your eyebrows are too thin, there are plenty of ways to fix that. One of the most popular options is to use a pencil or powder to fill them in and make them look fuller. This requires constant upkeep, but there are some brow stencils that can help you get started if this doesn’t seem like an achievable goal. Eyebrow extensions are another option for those with thin eyebrows who want something more permanent!