Locks and Doors: What to Know About Common Problems

Most people don’t think about their locks and doors until something goes wrong. Whether it’s a broken lock, a faulty key that sticks or doesn’t turn, the door jamb being warped from water damage or an open window in your apartment–it can be frustrating to deal with these problems and search for the closest locksmith. But there are ways to ensure you’re not running into these common issues again!

If your lock will not turn, it may be stuck. Don’t force the key or try to drill out the pins–both of these can ruin your tumbler and cause more problems down the line. Instead, heat up a piece of metal with a lighter until it’s very hot and then use that as an improvised “key” for turning your locks in order to free them from any debris or other obstruction they might have become jammed on. How do you know if you need new keys?

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Look at one closely: are there any scratches on either side where it enters into its slot? If so, this is most likely due to wear and tear over time. It’s best to purchase some duplicate keys now before things get worse.

If your key does not turn, it may be worn out or damaged at the end where it meets with the tumbler and its teeth. This can happen over time from regular use and you should have a duplicate made for yourself as soon as possible. To avoid this problem in the future make sure to regularly lubricate locks that are used often using WD40 or other appropriate lubricant (some people swear by Vaseline). Doing so will help reduce any friction between pieces of metal and keep them more supple which will extend their life significantly! You might also want to consider changing how frequently you use certain locks on your doors like those leading into closets or pantries: while these areas don’t see much use, they’re still opened and closed on a regular basis. So before the lock wears out for good, consider changing it to something that you use less frequently!