Things You Should Know Before You Apply For The Job

If you are interested in becoming a close protection bodyguard, there is some information that might be useful for you. There are many things to know before applying for this position; these include what the job entails and what abilities would be helpful when being an employee of high security agencies or even as a personal guard.

There’s no need to have previous experience with law enforcement but it can help if you do because then the company will see your commitment towards protecting people from harm. That said, not everyone who applies has served as police officers and still gets hired so just stay vigilant and keep yourself sharp!

You should also expect long hours – sometimes working up to 12 hours per day – , pay less than other jobs which require similar skills and you need to maintain a positive attitude – it won’t be easy as sometimes your life is at stake.

Close Protection Bodyguard

However, if you don’t mind this and are ready for the challenge, then becoming a bodyguard could be perfect for you!

You will be hired to work at events such as concerts, sports games and other occasions which require security.

In order to apply for the job you need: – a high school diploma or GED;- be at least 18 years old;- have U.S citizenship (or work permit);- excellent physical condition – having no injuries that could make it difficult to perform your duties is important because of constant walking/running around.;

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