Schedule 17

The High Speed Rail Act grants deemed planning permission for HS2 Phase One of the route, but some of the detailed design and construction are subject to further approval.

Schedule 17 to the Act puts in place a process for the approval of certain matters relating to the design and construction of the railway.

It requires that the nominated undertaker (HS2 Ltd) seeks approval for matters of construction and design from the appropriate planning authority.

Schedule 17 submissions are not the same as planning applications - planning permission for the proposed work has already been granted by the High Speed Rail Act.

Further details can be found in the Schedule 17 Planning FAQs document below. If you have any questions regarding the individual Schedule 17 approval applications, please contact the HS2 Helpdesk directly. Contact details can be found on the Contact page.


Schedule 17 Submissions

Currently Chiltern District Council has received the following Schedule 17 submissions for HS2 works:

  • CH/2017/30159/HS2 - Land to west of Potter Row, west of Park Farm, Potter Row, Great Missenden

  • CH/2017/30177/HS2 - Land to east of Chesham Lane and west by Valentine Way, south of Ashwell's Farm, Chalfont St Peter

  • CH/2017/30204/HS2 - Land to south of Chalfont Lane, west of M25 Motorway, north of Caravan Park, Shire Lane, Chalfont St Peter

  • CH/2017/30252/HS2 - Land west of Bury Farm, Potter Row, Great Missenden

South Bucks District Council has received the following Schedule 17 submissions for HS2 works:

  • 17/01809/HS2 - Land to west of Tilehouse Lane, north of Halings Lane, Denham

All Schedule 17 submissions can be seen in detail via the planning portals below.

Planning Portal

To search for current applications, click the 'Advanced' tab and select Application Type as 'HS2 Schedule 17' and then click Search at the bottom.