Colne Valley Regional Park Panel


The Colne Valley Regional Park Panel was formalised through a legal assurance provided by HS2 following considerable efforts during the petitioning process in the Houses of Parliament.

The Council put forward a significant case to the Select Committee, highlighting the special nature to the protected area known as the Colne Valley Regional Park.

The Select Committee appreciated the protected area and recommended approval of a formal Panel which would work collaboratively and in a timely manner to consider the following:

  1. Develop and co-ordinate recommendations to the relevant local planning authorities regarding HS2 Ltd’s proposed landscape design within the Colne Valley Regional Park;

  2. Develop and co-ordinate recommendations to HS2 Ltd for appropriate ‘Additional Mitigation Measures’ for both the construction period and subsequent operation of the railway, subject to the accepted limitation that proposals ‘do not unreasonably impact on the timely, economic and safe delivery and operation of the railway’;

  3. Review proposals, such as the Colne Valley viaduct design, which are put forward by HS2 Ltd and other bodies, and co-ordinate recommendations across its members to the relevant planning authorities;

  4. To proactively input to and review design principles, policies and guidance produced by or on behalf of HS2 Ltd for the Colne Valley Regional Park.

The Colne Valley Regional Park Panel is made up of 14 bodies, including both Chiltern and South Bucks District Councils. It is led by a programme manager who oversees and manages the Panel.

Its lifespan is currently set at 2 years from inception, and it has been granted £3 million in funding to identify additional landscape and ecological mitigation and enhancements within the Park.


Latest updates

HS2 Reveals Colne Valley Viaduct Specimen Design

HS2 have revealed an outline concept for the Colne Valley viaduct, which will help inform development of its final design and will be subject to consultations and discussions with local communities.

The viaduct concept document explores a range of options and ideas for how it can be situated within the Colne Valley, and can be found here.

Additional Mitigation Plan Published

The Colne Valley Regional Park Panel's AMP has been published online, and can be found here.

CVRPP Newsletter - October 2017

The Colne Valley Regional Park Panel has published its 'HS2 Additional Mitigation Plan' and is in the process of developing some of the project for delivery.

The newsletter can be found here