AONB Review Group

The Chilterns AONB Review Group was formalised through a legal assurance provided by HS2 following significant efforts throughout the petitioning process in Parliament.

The Council put forward a significant case to the Select Committee, highlighting the special nature of the protected area known as the Chilterns AONB.

The Select Committee appreciated the protected area and recommended approval of a formal Review Group which would work collaboratively to achieve two main objectives:

  1. To develop design principles (both general and detailed) that could reasonably be applied to HS2 works in the Chilterns AONB and its setting, which aim to achieve an exemplar landscape design for the project; and

  2. To identify additional environmental integration and enhancement measures that may further integrate the scheme into the AONB.

The Chilterns AONB Review Group is made up of 7 bodies, including Chiltern District Council, and is led by a programme manager who oversees and manages the Group.

The lifespan of the Review Group is currently set at 2 years from inception, and has been granted £3 million in funding. This funding is to be specifically used for the implementation of additional projects outside mitigation provided within the HS2 Act.



Latest updates

Detailed Design Principles Consultation

The AONB Review Group has published a draft DDP for wider consultation. The document will be used for guidance by HS2 and their contractors in informing their design throughout the Chilterns AONB.

The document was written by landscape consultants LUC, on behalf of the Review Group in collaboration with Chiltern District Council, Chilterns Conservation Board, Aylesbury Vale District Council, Natural England and HS2 Ltd.

A copy of the document can be found in the reception area at the Chiltern District Council offices in Amersham. More details found here.